Your Product Data Is Not Ready For What’s Next In Commerce

The current state of assembling product data is not ready for what’s next in commerce.

Online grocery is now an essential resource, and the virtual endless aisles have fundamentally changed the way shoppers discover and interact with products. This leaves brands with only their product data to fully represent themselves.  

But, accurate and complete product data is hard to find. 

Brand, eCommerce, Category, Marketing, and Distribution teams all need the most accurate and complete product data to do their jobs. Yet with multiple handoffs, systems for input, and unique retailer taxonomies to deliver on, product data is in constant flux.

Here’s a quick example you might relate to. 

Your R&D team makes a change to a product’s ingredient list, your team thinks the update will make it to the retailer, but as an eCommerce stakeholder, you know that’s far from the truth. The reality is, your goal is not just to get the information online, but for your products to be set up for optimal search and discoverability. 

Plus, supplying shoppers with the most relevant data and attributes is the only thing to stop them from moving on to the next. 

Good news is, you just need good data. Ground truth data. And fast!

Foodspace is our catalyst for you to dream big with commerce. Think about how product data is holding you back.

You’ll need product information updates, accuracy, completion, and discoverability to all be in lock step and operate at the speed of your shopper’s next online order.

With Foodspace it’s all possible, and we’re sending it to you for use on your digital shelf, distribution channels, and across your entire supply chain.

Here’s to #justgooddata.

Meet the Author

Ayo is the CEO and co-founder of Foodspace Tech. Connect with Ayo on Linkedin for more food + tech discussions. 

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