Kayla Kaplan

Kayla (she/her) is the Head of Nutrition Communications for Foodspace Tech and Co-Host of Foodspace the Podcast. She is passionate about nutrition education, innovation, and equitable food systems.


What is labelsplaining? Labelsplaining is a term the Foodspace Nutrition Team uses to describe their process of analyzing CPG food items based on packaging, nutrition, and ingredients. The team thinks critically about food packages and label imagery we see and work with on a daily basis to explain what the label jargon, regulated terminology, and …

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Pickles or Personalization

The Potential for Personalization and Customization By Kayla Kaplan For years personalization has been lauded to be the biggest trend with the most potential to revolutionize the food industry. Headlines cite cutting edge technology, advancements in food and nutrition science, innovative products, and hyper-segmentation as driving forces behind the inevitable boom of personalization.  Maybe this …

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Food Industry Trends Bringing Hope to a Pessimistic Nutrition Professional

My dog often hears my annoyed muttering as I go through the various newsletters in my inbox and doomscrolling my way through the day’s feeds. This time of year I find myself easily triggered by the overwhelming amount of content that is diet culture masquerading as new food trends, weight-centric New Year resolutions, and sponsored …

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