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Foodspace helps eCommerce teams increase online sales and brand loyalty by building underlying product data foundations. Using vision AI, Foodspace can digitize package label information and shopper centric attributes in less than a minute from a single product photo.    

Teams no longer need to fill out templates or reformat product data based on retailer product mapping. With #JustGoodData, Foodspace saves you time, gives you control, and provides you with peace of mind that your products can be found by shoppers across their path to purchase.  

Foodspace Technology is made up of a team of friends excited by innovative technology, agile and creative ideas, and driven by creating an inclusive, transparent, and educational food culture. Our backgrounds span nutrition, finance, cpg marketing, branding, machine learning, and entrepreneurship. Diversity of experience is what allows us to ensure that our technology delivers value to commerce teams and is always in service of the online shopper.

Plus, We’re All Pretty Cool People Too. Check Us Out And Say Hi!

Ayo Oshinaike


Ayo (he/him) was born for entrepreneurship. You give him an idea, he’ll build you an entire vision. He started his career as a financial analyst but it wasn’t long until his desire to build, evangelize, and tie in his passion for cooking launched his new path. Ayo believes everyone should have access to a secure food future, and credits his mom with shaping his outlook on this. You often find him in the constant company of his closest friends, in the middle of his tenth phone call, or bringing the Foodspace team more wild ideas to run with. 

Favorite CPG item: Kettle Brand Potato Chips, Sea Salt and Vinegar

Montana Fredrick

Chief Marketing Officer

Montana (she/her) is a true creative. She can add rich layers to any idea, and loves to explore people’s “why”. She started her career in the wild world of video media buying for a major beer brand, but her passion for storytelling and desire to jump into the world of startups brought her to Silicon Valley. Plus a desire to be close to nature at all times. Montana is driven by shaping ideas into narratives that are full, delightful, and unexpected. You can often find her deep diving into design of all forms and finding new ways to get a good sweat in.

Favorite CPG item: Steaz Organic Green Tea - Peach Flavor

Daniel DeMillard

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel (he/him) wants to enable a future of work that focuses on more creative, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. He uses his background in math and spirit of learning to explore the depths and possibilities of computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning. He finds himself at home building a team focused on creating products to improve people’s lives. You can often find him reading the latest AI paper’s on arXiv or in an online class to keep pace with automation.

Favorite CPG item: Kettle Brand Potato Chips, Jalapeno

Dan Yaghsizian

Chief Operating Officer

Dan (he/him) is the partner we all need. Bring him a problem, idea, or half-a-sentence and he’ll find a way to solve it, grow it, and complete it in a way that feels right. He’s driven by leveraging the economic power of business to create a positive impact on the world. You can often find Dan on Product Hunt discovering the latest widget that’s just as good (if not better) than the big-name competition for the rest of the team to do their jobs better. 

Favorite CPG item: Trader Joe’s Sparkling Strawberry Juice

Anthony DeMillard

Principal Software Engineer

Tony (he/him) is a technologist who is constantly seeking to use software to improve the lives of his community, clients, friends and family. While most of his experience is in traditional web development and building applications centered around web technologies, he is very adaptable and has an interest and experience with a wide variety of technological solutions. A natural leader that is committed to creating robust, maintainable, reusable, and scalable software solutions, Tony makes sure things are done correctly the first time. An avid tea drinker and LEGO collector… you could say he has an appreciation for the little things.

Favorite CPG item: Fruit Gushers

Kayla Kaplan

Head of Nutrition Communication

Kayla (she/her) is truly passionate about building sustainable, equitable food systems and improving nutrition education. She has a background in Human Biology, Food and Nutrition Programs and Policy, and experience as a Critical Food Studies researcher. Kayla brings a strong scientific-communication presence to the team as well as a lot of questions that inspire people to expand their perspective. You can find Kayla sharing intersectional vegan resources on Instagram, walking with her dog, or diving into another new project.

Favorite CPG item: Just Egg, Plant-Based Scramble

Jenn Onopa MS RDN

Chief Nutrition Officer

Jenn (she/her) brings to the team the scientific background to truly understand food on it’s molecular level. To Jenn, food is the common thread to life. She grew up working in a family restaurant and later completed her master’s degree and clinical training to become a registered dietitian.  She has experience in clinical nutrition, academia, policy, and public health education. Jenn is the crucial link that allows our artificial intelligence to be intelligent about the conclusions and associations it makes about products. You can find Jenn getting way too personally offended by online “health” gurus and their misleading nutrition claims.

Favorite CPG item: Cadbury mini eggs

Richard Gentner


Richard (he/him) is an CPG food veteran with a passion for building and evolving capabilities. He thrives working in gray areas, bringing structure and clarity to ambiguity. When facing new challenges, Richard trusts the process and believes an engaged cross-functional team can accomplish anything. You can find Richard bicycling, hiking, or practicing yoga.

Favorite CPG snack: Cheez-It, regular and extra toasty

Daniel Stevenson


Daniel (he/him) has spent his career scaling high-growth, venture-backed software companies through partnerships, international expansion, and sales efficiency. Most recently Daniel was the Chief Revenue Officer at a startup enabling brands to effectively market through their retailers. Before that, he ran business development and partnerships at a series of SaaS companies. Leaning on a career spanning 20+ years in software sales and marketing, Daniel likes to think that there are no new problems, just new solutions to be applied.

Favorite CPG item: No Cow Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars

Kevin Fortier

Data Software Engineer

Kevin enjoys building-data intensive software systems. He is a full-stack AI software engineer doing everything from data engineering to developing machine learning models. You can often find him formulating and testing new ideas- usually with code.

Favorite CPG item: Four Sigmatic Lion's Mane Elixir

Joe Cardin

Chief Strategy Officer

Joe (he/him) has built three start-up’s to exit, 20 plus years, in senior level positions, CEO, CRO, and CTO. Joe has served as a board member to several other start-up’s in the cyber security, consumer goods, and construction related markets. Joe is very passionate about solving big market problems using advanced technology solutions. 

Favorite CPG Item: Legally Addictive Churros

Devin Pope

UX Lead Designer

Devin (he/him) is an innovator who picks the toughest problems and works tirelessly to find the best possible solutions through design. Whether it’s visually or working side by side with the customers and product owners, his main goal is to be empathetic towards each individual’s struggle. While working through the human centered design process Devin is a man who prides himself on continuously learning to provide beneficial outcomes for all parties. With a background in video editing, graphic design, and operations management Devin has developed the skills and assets as a user first designer throughout his professional career and his favorite snacks are any and all fruits with pistachios, almonds, or pecans and you can always catch him somewhere near a futbol field or where there is live music!

Favorite CPG Item: Snyder's Mini Pretzels

Elissa Bowling

Product Manager

Elissa (she/her) loves challenging assumptions, asking questions, and getting to the “why”. She uses her background in technical customer success roles to advocate for our partners and ensure we are anticipating and solving the right problems. Elissa enjoys the process of zooming out, taking in the larger picture, and articulating our goals and getting detailed on how to achieve them. This process can’t be a one-woman show, and Elissa loves working with a team and building a culture of collaboration and collective knowledge-sharing. Outside of Foodspace, you can find her getting outside in any capacity, most often hiking, rock climbing, and playing (dis)organized sports.

Favorite CPG item: Willie’s Superbrew

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