About us

We’re a group of four friends who share a passion for food, nutrition, and remain curious on how food uniquely fits into our lives. Our story starts in 2017 with Ayo who wanted to provide those close to him with the right tools to cook with confidence, and ultimately reduce food waste by mapping the connections in their food journey. Too often he’d heard friends state that they simply didn’t know how to cook, or would avoid certain foods due to dietary and nutritional misconceptions, all leading to them creating hurdles in the kitchen. He wanted to challenge these hurdles, and find an area of neutrality beyond binaries like, “healthy” and “unhealthy”. He pitched his vision to Dan, a friend of his and fellow Northeastern grad, and he immediately knew that he wanted to join and use the power of AI to make waves in the food & grocery industry. Ayo’s friends helped connect him to Montana, after they pitched his idea at a food party she hosted at Northeastern.  

For the first two years, our small team hopped onto endless calls after our 9-5’s, and tested a number of ideas and concepts, to build Foodspace. Our collective vision was to focus on transparency to help eliminate the barriers that prevent people from understanding their relationship with food. In late 2019, Ayo met Daniel and convinced him to join our team to harness the powers of AI and Machine Learning to help brands and retailers to take ownership of their digital product data. 

We believe that in a digital age, there should be no barriers to people understanding their relationship with food. And, the key to this is to help the brands and retailers they love and frequent, navigate the changing digital retail landscape by meeting consumers unique dietary and nutritional lifestyles. Friendship is what helped us get this far, and our shared passions are what drive us to make waves in the food and grocery space. 

Our team is spread out between 3 time zones in: Denver, Chicago, New York, and Boston. 

Meet the Founding Team