Product content capture and attribute creation for the CPG industry

We power the CPG product discovery experience

Expand your product’s discovery potential with Foodspace Attribute Management

We use machine learning, vision technology, and AI to scan CPG products and generate thousands of consumer experience attributes.

CPG Manufacturers

Listings accuracy and availability

Monitor your CPG products across all online listings to ensure your customers are presented with the most accurate and up-to-date product information. Our technology allows you to efficiently distribute product information to your retail partners while ensuring you’re aware of product listing discrepancies and product availability.

Online Retailers

Your search engine has the potential to meet every consumer’s consideration set. Foodspace Attributes allow products to show up as often as they should to help your shoppers find the “right choice” more efficiently.

eCommerce Partners

Your CPG clients want to take their digital and eCommerce initiatives to the next level. We keep their digital shelves fresh and up to date, and unlock new growth opportunities with Foodspace Attributes. 

Foodspace Attributes are Building Blocks

Our product scanning technology creates a source of truth to keep the digital shelf fresh and up to date. We believe a focus on attribute management unlocks a new database of searchable criteria to allow shoppers to use retail search engines with new layers of depth and personalization.


We automatically associate 2,800 consumer experience attributes per product to grocery industry products with the highest degree of accuracy. Foodspace Attributes are keywords that help products show up in searches as often as they should.


Attribute Management provides a deeper analytical dataset for: customer segmentation, marketing, and sales. Foodspace Attributes will help you keep on top of important trends and identify growth opportunities at levels deeper than categories, such dietary or nutrition.

Perfect Choice

Today’s omni shoppers require attributes that match their unique needs. Foodspace Attributes will guide your customers to their perfect choice more efficiently, creating a pleasant and frictionless online shopping experience.

"Our product intelligence platform has been trained across millions of iterations, to breakdown any product image or data set into the key informational components then match that data into any schema."
Daniel DeMillard
CTO, Foodspace

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