Reach your shoppers on every online commerce channel with #JustGoodData

Simply drag and drop your product images into Foodspace, and in seconds we’ll map your digital product data to any and all retail specific fields using vision AI.

#JustGoodData for CPG Product Discovery

We build underlying product data foundations complete with shopper-centric attributes to help CPG Brands map complete and accurate product data to retail specific fields.

Product Content Capture

We use computer vision and machine learning technology to scan and digitize product package labels in less than a minute. From packaging flats to live images, our technology can read all digital images. 

Attribute Synthesis

We use AI to synthesize scanned product data into solution based keywords for online grocery discovery. Our in-house team applies a rules based approach using established nutrition theory and biochemical knowledge to create meaningful algorithms.

Sending Product Data

We map your scanned product data to complete any and all retail specific fields. Templates and product data reformatting are taken care of based on retailer product mapping.

Product Data Monitoring

We keep an eye on your products, alert you of changes, and fix any errors to ensure online product content accuracy. 

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Our product data seamlessly integrates into every major product information management platform, plus any retailer you sell with! So your data is ready to be used across your commerce supply chain. 

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