How CPG brands stay visible
on the digital shelf

Our machine learning and AI technology ensure products
are accurate, consistent, and discoverable everywhere
consumers are shopping.

Here’s the one stat every brand manufacturer
should be aware of in 2021...

We're not another database,
We supply good data.

Getting accurate and complete product information online takes too long. Not anymore ― we’re fixing that. We’ve made product data open source, so you can use it to power your entire commerce supply chain.

Got errors? Really curious?

Expand your product discovery

Shoppers are looking for solutions to their needs which can cross multiple categories. Our shopper-centric attributes communicate all the dimensions of your product so shoppers can find them from a variety of searches. 

Free up your commerce teams

Brand, Product, eCommerce, Category, Distribution and Marketing teams are all involved in the creation of product information. A ground truth dataset allows your commerce teams to spend less time “just getting the data out there”, and more time using it to optimize it for the digital shelf. 

Take your data anywhere

Foodspace data is vendor-agnostic. Our data sets are ready for any PIM vendor, category management solution, or eCommerce data management system. We have over 100+ taxonomy file types ready for your teams to use across any retailer you do business with, globally. See what systems we integrate with. 

#JustGoodData powers commerce

There’s no doubt, commerce is at a transformational shift. Online grocery is now an essential resource, and innovations like voice search and virtual dietitian platforms will require brands to build a trusted product data source to ensure continued discoverability.

Want to know how you can save time and do more with #JustGoodData?
Expand your CPG product discovery